2 Classes Next Semester

I am teaching 2 classes next semester on Monday, 4:20 and 7:00. If you think there is a chance you may not pass and think you need an extra semester to practice writing, especially timed writing, I would recommend signing up. You could always drop the class once you get results that you passed. I will have results for you prior to Christmas. See you tomorrow!

Agenda for this Monday, December 8th

I think, since it is our last class, it is best for you to take a timed exam. I will also have your last exams to give back to you with comments and a graded rubric.

I would like to conference with you as well, before the final exam. I can meet you at my office in North Bergen (those hours and days are VERY flexible), or at NJCU after 5:00.

Have a great weekend.

I will also post several news articles for you to read from now until the final so that you know what’s going on in education today!


  1. Paragraph I
    1. Most- yes higher standards
    2. People would agree
    3. Agreed ed system in trouble
    4. Solution- raising standards?
    5. HOWEVER too much agreement too quick- take another look (author)
  2. Paragraph II
    1. Standards- mean diff things
      1. Guidelines
      2. Drew arrow
  3. Paragraph III
    1. Demand by politicians & business
    2. DO they know how students learn?
    3. Educators worried about non-educators
  4. Paragraph IV
    1. Clash between 2 groups
      1. Champs of Tougher Standards
      2. ANTI federal ANTI testing
  5. Paragraph 5
    1. CHAMPS all same basically same thing
  6. Paragraph 6
    1. CEO of businesses= all want money
    2. Goals of businesses and of educators totally different
  7. Paragraph 7
    1. Government & politicians listen to the businesses
    2. Pres commis on ed chaired by large companies
  8. Paragraph 8
    1. Do it harder better stronger etc
    2. Ideas sound new but rely on old methods (like testing)QUESTION A
  • Most think that tougher standards equal more student learning. Most think this is a good thing.
  • How does the author argue against this statement?
  • What do you believe about the need to raise standards in America’s schools?
  • Use examples from article and own experiences
  1. Intro
  2. Way he argues against this statement
    1. Too many people who aren’t educators have something to say about raising standards.
  1. Way he argues against this statement
    1. The goals of businesses and not the same as the goals of educators and parents. TOPIC SENTENCE



  1. What I think we need to do to raise standards-
  2. Conclusion

Parts of an Essay


  • Background information
  • Few sentences on the topic
  • Name of author and article should be present in intro
  • Thesis Statement

A controversial topic in education in the United States surrounds the need to raise standards. Most businesses, politicians, and other non-educators all think we need to raise standards in our schools. However, many educators are concerned because they fear these non-educators have too much say. In “The Demand for Tougher Standards,” author Alfie Kohn discusses the negative impacts of having tougher standards. I agree with Alfie Kohn that busniesses and policy-makers have far too much influence on education.

Body Paragraphs

    1. Topic Sentence- Too many people who aren’t educators have something to say about raising standards.
  • 1 or more sentences explaining topic sentence
  • Quote from author
  • Analyze author’s quote
  • Agree or disagree
  • Give an example
  • Close the paragraph

Too many people who are not educators have something to say about raising standards. Educators are alarmed about the demands being made by non-educators. According to the author, “People from parents to presidents have begun to sound like cranky, ill-informed radio talk-show hosts, and almost anything can be done to students and to schools, not matter how ill considered, as long as it is done in the name of ‘raising standards’ or ‘accountability.’” Everyone has something to say about education, regardless of whether or not they have a background in education. Terms such as “standards” and “accountability” are being thrown around loosely by all types of people, political, business, parents, and community members. I am an educator. I have two masters degrees and I have taught for x amount of years. It pains me to hear community members, with no teaching experience, tell me what I’m doing wrong in my classroom. Policy makers do not visit my classroom; instead, they judge me by test scores. As an educator, I totally disagree with the amount of input that politicians and businesses give regarding education.

Nov 10: Agenda

We will meet in the computer lab, as usual. We will review your homework (M.U.G.) and read an article together in class. For homework, you will write an essay based on the article we read in class.