Topical Articles!

Quick Tips!

quick tips
  • Make sure you know what the question is asking. If necessary, write out the various parts of the question and check the parts off as you’ve answered them.
  • You may use “I,” or first person, to write your response.
  • Make some kind of notes while you read. This will help you remember ideas you may want to use in your writing.

  • Use some kind of organizer before you begin writing your response. You can concentrate more on the expression of your ideas once you’ve got your major points “mapped out.”
  • Don’t write long sentences. Be short and to the point. It’s easy to lose control of a long sentence. (Periods are always easier to use than commas.)
  • Only use words you are certain you can spell. No one is impressed by big words that are spelled wrong.
  • Make sure you have checked verb and plural endings. Sometimes word endings aren’t heard and accidentally get dropped when writing. For example: I used to be a math major. I was supposed to take this test last semester.
  • Beware of apostrophes. Its (It’s) easy to make a mistake when your (you’re) under pressure. If your (you’re) afraid youll (you’ll) write things incorrectly,dont (don’t) use contractions at all!
  • More apostrophe advice: Remember to use apostrophes to show possession. For example: The student’s homework… (singular and possessive) or The students’ homework… (plural)
  • Watch out for quotation marks! Remember to put your end marks. Many people often forget to “close quote.” Also, put periods, question marks, exclamation points, and commas inside your quotation marks.

  • If you are recopying or typing your paper for your final draft, make sure you don’t copy incorrectly. Sometimes, in the rush, words get omitted. Copy carefully!

  • When you have finished writing your paper, first read it from top to bottom and then read it from bottom to top (sentence by sentence). It’s easier to catch mistakes when you break up the flow.

We are meeting in Roosey 402 today for our exam!

The air conditioning is broken in the computer lab today so the environment is not conducive to test taking. We will all meet in our original classroom, Roosey 402, to take the exam. Please report there immediately!

Please bring lined paper and a pen or pencil.

For homework, please do the Comma Packet! Comma Packet and review Commonly Confused Words commonly confused words

Homework Due Next Class, September 29

  1.  Review 2nd passing exam for “Computers Cannot Teach Basic Skills”; compare the passing essay to yours
  2. Review possession packet answer key (posted online)
  3. Class handout- clear, concise sentences
  4. Start Essay- Malcolm X and finish for HW

Parts of an Essay


  • Background information
  • Few sentences on the topic
  • Name of author and article should be present in intro
  • Thesis Statement

Body Paragraphs

  • Topic Sentence
  • 1 or more sentences explaining topic sentence
  • Quote from author
  • Analyze author’s quote
  • Agree or disagree
  • Give an example
  • Close the paragraph

NEXT CLASS, Sept 29, you will take a practice exam in LAB A. Please be on time. Contact me ahead of time with questions or concerns