Monday March 31: Tonight’s Class

Tonight we will meet in the classroom P203. Please bring with you the subject-verb agreement packet you did for homework. Also bring your midterm as we will have brief conferences.

Today’s agenda:
Review Subject-Verb Agreement
While we are conferencing you will begin another practice exam which you will finish for homework

Homework due Monday March 24th

Go to the blog and click on “Class Handouts.”
(1) Read and take notes on the handout “Writing Clear, Concise Sentences”
(2) Read and study the packet “Commonly Confused Words”
(3) Scroll down to videos and watch the first video “Subject-Verb Agreement”
(4) Scroll back up and open up the “Subject-Verb Agreement” packet for homework. Bring this completed packet to class with you.

The writing assessment committee is grading your midterm exams this Thursday, so you will get two graded midterms back on Monday the 24th. Email me at with any questions!