We are meeting in Roosey 402 today for our exam!

The air conditioning is broken in the computer lab today so the environment is not conducive to test taking. We will all meet in our original classroom, Roosey 402, to take the exam. Please report there immediately!

Please bring lined paper and a pen or pencil.

For homework, please do the Comma Packet! Comma Packet and review Commonly Confused Words commonly confused words

Homework Due Next Class, September 29

  1.  Review 2nd passing exam for “Computers Cannot Teach Basic Skills”; compare the passing essay to yours
  2. Review possession packet answer key (posted online)
  3. Class handout- clear, concise sentences
  4. Start Essay- Malcolm X and finish for HW

Parts of an Essay


  • Background information
  • Few sentences on the topic
  • Name of author and article should be present in intro
  • Thesis Statement

Body Paragraphs

  • Topic Sentence
  • 1 or more sentences explaining topic sentence
  • Quote from author
  • Analyze author’s quote
  • Agree or disagree
  • Give an example
  • Close the paragraph

NEXT CLASS, Sept 29, you will take a practice exam in LAB A. Please be on time. Contact me ahead of time with questions or concerns allykrone@gmail.com

Agenda for Class: September 15, 2015

* Quick Tips!

* Grammar Tip 5 (5 paragraph essay) graamer tip 5 paragraphing & Components of an Essay

* Comma Splice/Sentence Fragments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1wNR-aoq2Y&feature=youtu.be

* Possession/Apostrophes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OKcB-aJtt4&feature=youtu.be

* Review Essays- Read, take notes, make an outline


* Read through grammar tip 5 and watch comma splice and possession/apostrophes videos

* Complete Sentence Fragments Comma Splice packet

* Complete Apostrophe Packet The Apostrophe

* Complete Essay Titled:  Computers Cannot Teach Basic Skills (Answer only one of the questions, A, B or C)computers cannot teach basic skills


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