Class Today February 23

LTED 305: Class on Monday, February 23 2015

My colleague Ms. Yuhas will be administering tonight’s practice exam.
As soon as you arrive, if you are typing your exam, please turn off spell and grammar check- instructions:
Word 2010
Click the File tab, and then click Options.
Click Proofing.
Click to clear the Check spelling as you type check box.
Click to clear the Mark grammar as you type check box.

Tonight’s practice exam will help you manage your time and reduce test anxiety. This is the first of many. Throughout the course you will have several practice exams in order to prep you for the final exam. The rules for this exam are as follows:
* The exam is 2 hours long. You must stay the full hours. Why? Because the test is designed to take two hours. A general rule to follow is to spend thirty minutes reading and taking notes, one hour writing, and thirty minutes editing.
* Spell and grammar check must be turned off. This is so Professor Krone can see your weaknesses and give you personalized lessons in order to help you pass this exam.
* Cell phones must be away and on silent.
* You are not allowed to use the Internet or any handouts/resources during this practice exam.
* You may hand-write or type.
* At the end of the exam, if you typed the exam, please print and hand in to me but ALSO email the exam to

(1) For homework last week you were to complete the Comma and Apostrophe Packet. I posted on the blog under CLASS HANDOUTS the answer keys to both of those packets. They are called COMMA ANSWER PACKET and THE APOSTROPHE ANSWER KEY. So, check your answers with the answer key. That way next class we can go over what you struggled with.
(2) Please complete the AGREEMENT packet. Here is a handout but it is also on the blog under “Class Handouts.”
(3) Study “Commonly Confused Words” on the blog under “Class Handouts”
(4) Watch the following videos for homework (on the blog under Class Handouts toward the bottom after VIDEOS): Past Perfect Tense, Prepositions in English- OF, and 6 Ways to Use the Verb Go in English


Checking In

At this point, you should have completed the following essays:

* School Vs. Education
* Computers Cannot Teach Basic Skills
* Malcolm X

Please email them to me when you are finished so I can grade them and send them back to you.

You may recall that I have a conference out of town Monday-Wednesday. So, as I mentioned in class, my colleague Ms. Yuhas will be administering a practice exam. This practice exam will be given in TEST-LIKE conditions. You will only have two hours. Your spell and grammar check must be turned off. You can either type or hand write. She will collect all essays at the end of the two hours and give them to me on Thursday to grade.

I’d really like the opportunity to have some one-on-one conferences with you after that practice test. I know you are still catching up with work I gave during snow days. But, by the first week in March I would expect that you are all caught up. So, we will discuss this the following class. OR you can always email or call me earlier to make an appointment with me. Even if you schedule is busy, I can arrange a phone conference with you, which can be very helpful!

MEET MS. YUHAS IN THE SAME COMPUTER LAB, LAB E ON MONDAY FEBRUARY 23rd. Spend about thirty minutes reading and taking notes, one hour writing, and thirty minutes editing. Before taking the test, review the Tips for Success! They are here:

Agenda for Today & Homework

Review syllabus & Blog

What is the TOW&R? NJCU Website & Quick Tips

REview the following grammar videos: Comma Splice Subject-Verb Agreement Dangling Modifiers Possession/Apostrophes

Note-taking, rewriting questions, outlining, writing the 5 paragraph essay (Use “Computers” Essay as example)



The Apostrophe Packet The Apostrophe

Comma Packet Comma Packet

Essay Malcolm X malcolm x test

No Class Feb 2nd due to WEATHER but HW is below!

Due to the weather and poor traveling conditions, class will be cancelled. However, I set up this blog so that you can work from home this week and we don’t fall behind. Please note that I will have make-up classes throughout the semester and one-on-one conferences to make up for missed time.

Your HW is to watch and take notes on the following videos: Comma Splice Subject-Verb Agreement Dangling Modifiers Possession/Apostrophes

Your Essay Assignment is to respond to ONE of the questions (A, B or C) in a 3-5 paragraph essay. EMAIL me your assignment prior to class on Monday if you would like to get it back as quickly as possible.  Computers Cannot Teach Basic Skills

Here are some helpful hints regarding how to organize your essay:

Parts of an Essay


  • Background information
  • Few sentences on the topic
  • Name of author and article should be present in intro
  • Thesis Statement (this is the backbone of the essay- in one statement you should let the reader know what your essay is about, for example: Students learn more from their outside education that the education they receive in school)

Body Paragraphs (in a five paragraph essay you will have 3 body paragraphs)

  • Topic Sentence
  • 1 or more sentences explaining topic sentence
  • Quote from author
  • Analyze author’s quote
  • Agree or disagree
  • Give an example
  • Close the paragraph

Conclusion- one short paragraph summing up your essay (do not put new information into the conclusion!)

Class Cancelled Monday, Jan 26: Assignment Below

Attention all students enrolled in LTED 305 Monday Spring 2015: due to the impending storm tomorrow, Monday January 26, our class will be cancelled.

HOWEVER, you will be required to complete a diagnostic exam. Every semester, on the first day of class, I give a diagnostic exam to assess your strengths and weaknesses. This exam does not count for a grade; it is only for me to figure out how to best help you. This diagnostic exam is very similar to the “real” writing assessment exam. Although we will not meet this week, I expect that you take this exam as if we were in class, following a few basic rules.
* You only have 2 hours to complete this exam
* Turn off spell and grammar check (email me if you are unsure how to do this)
* Do not use any resources such as a dictionary, thesaurus or the Internet
You only have to answer one question, A, B or C. Please write your name on top and let me know which question you answered. Email me your exam prior to our next class, Monday, Feb 2nd. If you do not typically type your writing assessment exams, you can hand it in to me on the 2nd or you can scan and email to me. However, the sooner you get it to me, the sooner you will get it back with feedback and constructive criticism.
Here you will find the exam:

Reading Passage
Rubric (how you will be assessed)
Read the questions prior to reading the passage as they will give you a good idea about some of the main ideas! If you are having trouble accessing this page, email me so that I can attach this information in an email.
I am looking forward to working closely with you this semester! Email me any time with any questions. Thank you.
P.S. We will meet each week in LAB E of the Computer Lab in the Professional Studies Building.