Agenda: 10.12.15

We are meeting in LAB A today.

Today’s Agenda:

  1. Sentence Fragments & Run-On Sentences
  2. Work on Comma Packet (Answer Key) alone or with a friend. https://lted305.files. 
  3. One-on-one Conferences


  1. Review the following grammar videos Comma Splice Subject-Verb Agreement Dangling Modifiers Possession/Apostrophes

  1. Complete this essay (5 paragraphs) and try to give yourself only 2 hours. ESSAY: Homework Questions The Homework Debate (email to me when finished if you type)

Here are some helpful hints regarding how to organize your essay:


  • Background information
  • Few sentences on the topic
  • Name of author and article should be present in intro
  • Thesis Statement (this is the backbone of the essay- in one statement you should let the reader know what your essay is about, for example: Students learn more from their outside education that the education they receive in school)

Body Paragraphs (in a five paragraph essay you will have 3 body paragraphs)

  • Topic Sentence
  • 1 or more sentences explaining topic sentence
  • Quote from author
  • Analyze author’s quote
  • Agree or disagree
  • Give an example
  • Close the paragraph

Conclusion- one short paragraph summing up your essay (do not put new information into the conclusion!)