Agenda 5.4.15

Agenda 4:20

Since the final exam is Monday, May 11th, the last day of the semester, I think it is imperative that we have at least one more timed test. In reviewing the exams from last week, we need more practice taking timed exams and leaving yourself enough time to edit!

Tonight you will take a timed exam. At the end of class, you will get last week’s essay back along with a graded rubric. For homework, you will have to revise the essay based on my feedback and comments.

Next class, Monday April 27th, we will conference and review the essay you took in class today.

Monday May 4th will be our last class before the final exam so we will review.

Monday May 11th: Final Exam

Agenda 4.13.15

Today we will take another timed test, just like the midterm. You will only have two hours and spell check and grammar check will be turned off. Since we are only a month away from the final exam, it is important that you take a timed test to practice and to help reduce any test anxiety. You also need to figure out how much time to spend on what. Generally, you want to spend thirty minutes reading and taking notes, one hour writing, and thirty minutes editing. However, you many need to adjust the time based on your personal needs.

I will bring hard copies of the exams with me. I do not want to post it on the blog b/c I don’t want anyone to be tempted to get a head start!

See you later, Professor Krone